Fathers tell how they advocate for more respectful care (Tanzania)

access to maternal healthcare

Interviews with 27 fathers in Tanzania, in the Morogoro region, found how they advocate for more respectful care.

“In response to poor service, men reported being outspoken about what they saw as unsatisfactory situations (e.g. shortages of staff, drugs, or supplies; rude, inattentive, or inexperienced providers; long wait times; and facilities being closed at night) and acting as patient advocates while at the facility, including by leveraging personal relationships.”

Sometimes men take their complaint to higher authorities.

(For more on fathers and respectful care from Tanzania, see Fathers in Tanzania express concerns about respectful maternal healthcare, on FamilyIncluded.com.)

In the light of these findings, the researchers recommend highlighting how men are supportive of facility-based care, as a way of shifting community norms.


Greenspan JA, Chebet JJ, Mpembeni R, Mosha I, Mpunga M, Winch PJ, Killewo J, Baqui AH & McMahon SA (2019), Men’s roles in care seeking for maternal and newborn health: A qualitative study applying the three delays model to male involvement in Morogoro Region, Tanzania, BMC Pregnancy and Childcare 19

Header photo: USAID. Creative Commons.