Breastfeeding support for adolescent mothers should include partners (international)


A review of 22 studies of the influences on breastfeeding among adolescent mothers has concluded that positive support from partners is essential in the early postnatal period. Breastfeeding support interventions should include partners and peers.

The studies show a big gap between the intention to breastfeed (81-84%) and actual initiation of breastfeeding (39-69%). More than half the mothers who initiated breastfeeding stopped within the first month.

There is strong evidence in the studies that social support significantly influences the duration of breastfeeding among adolescent mothers. Support comes from partner, friends, mothers, other family members and people in the community.


Kanhadilok S & McGrath JM (2015), An integrative review of factors influencing breastfeeding in adolescent mothers, The Journal of Perinatal Education 24.2

Header photo: moppet65535. Creative Commons.