The main reason men attend antenatal clinics is because women ask them to (Tanzania)

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A survey of 174 women attending an antenatal clinic for the second or more more time in Mbeya in Tanzania found the following:

  • 57% of women said their partners attended (though only 52% could be verified in clinic records). This is high by Tanzanian standards, namely 30% in a national survey in 2016. This could be because there is a policy that women not attending with partners are given lower priority in the antenatal service.
  • Of the women reporting they were accompanied, 52% said it was because she invited him, and 40% said it was because of the Government requirement.
  • Of the women reporting they were not accompanied, reasons given were fear of HIV testing, polygamy, long queues and living separately.


Kabanga E, Chibwae A, Basinda N & Morona D (2019), Prevalence of male partners involvement in antenatal care visits – in Kyela district, Mbeya, BME Pregnancy and Childbirth 19

Header photo: Direct Relief. Creative Commons.