Husbands influence mothers’ breastfeeding confidence more than health professionals do (China)

breastfeeding china

Mothers’ reports of strong social support were found to be correlated with how confident they felt in initiating breastfeeding during the four days after the birth. The most influential social support was that from their husbands, more so than the support from midwives, nurses and doctors.

Other factors correlating with self-confidence – measured via a “self-efficacy” questionnaire – were attending antenatal classes and previous breastfeeding experience. 571 mothers were involved in the study.

The researchers conclude that fathers should be encouraged to attend breastfeeding classes and helped to support breastfeeding.


Yang X, Gao L, Ip W & Chan WCS (2016), Predictors of breastfeeding self-efficacy in the immediate postpartum period: A cross-sectional study, Midwifery 14

Photo: Micah Sittig. Creative Commons.