Bulgarian fathers talk about being at the birth: love

father at birth

The Zebra Midwives in Bulgaria offer a fresh view: “birth is a family event”. This echoes a statement by the UK Royal College of Midwives many years ago: “the birth of a baby is the birth of a family”.

This remarkable video produced by the Zebra Midwives homes in on love: the love of the father for the mother and the bond between the baby and the father.

Not being at the birth “is the same as not attending your wedding”.

Birth is “the most curious thing in the world”.

“From the very beginning, I started to build a relationship with my child.”

“As soon as it happened, my wife rewarded me with the most passionate kiss I have ever received!”

“There is nothing more natural than a father being with his family.”

“We have more sex now.”

“This experience draws you closer overall.”

“A miracle.” “Unbelievable.” “I am in awe.” “She is a hero.” “She is a lioness.”