Family nursing principles: what they teach maternal health (international)

family nursing

The International Family Nursing Association recently published a definition of competencies for family nursing practice. Family inclusive principles are strongly represented. The guidelines have much of value for maternal and newborn health.

The guidelines state that all families have the capacity to transform their quality of life and health and all possess a cultural heritage that is integral to health and family life. Good family nursing focuses on strengths.

Examples of good practice that are of particular relevance to maternal and newborn health include the following.

  1. Engage and include family members in conversations about care.
  2. Assess family beliefs and family dynamics and consider the family’s strengths.
  3. Involve families in planning such as mobilising resources, communicating their concerns and fears and arranging care needs.
  4. Incorporate health promotion into the care.


IFNA Position Statement on Generalist Competencies for Family Nursing Practice, February 2015