Graduate students favour men being actively involved during pregnancy (Nigeria)


A survey of 241 postgraduate students at Ibadan University (150 men, 91 women) found widespread beliefs in an active role for men during pregnancy.

The involvement of men:

  • Strengthens the couple relationship (93% agreed)
  • Promotes the safety of the woman during pregnancy and childbirth (91%)
  • Supports healthy behaviours by the woman (84%)
  • Helps access to emotional and financial support (84%)
  • Reduces maternal stress (83%)
  • Helps access to healthcare (72%)
  • Improves health outcomes for mother and baby (69%)

Fewer believed that the involvement by men can have an impact on the risk of preterm birth, reduced fetal growth and infant mortality – only 40%.

The respondents supported a number of measures to support involvement by men:

  • Education for men (98%)
  • National policies to promote the involvement of men (83%)
  • Incentives for men to attend clinics, such as a free health check-up, invitations specifically to men to attend, prioritisation of women attending with partners (81%)
  • Training of healthcare professionals in customer care and communication skills (70%)
  • Social media communications (66%)
  • Active involvement of the community (53%)


Berthran CC, Odetola TD & Abiona MO (2021), Improving maternal and child health outcomes through active male partner involvement in prenatal care, British Journal of Midwifery 29.3

Header photo: USAID. Creative Commons.