Men who are better informed more actively support their wives’ pregnancy (Myanmar)

Myanmar father

A survey of 203 fathers in Myanmar found that men who have greater knowledge of maternal health are more likely to be active supporters of the pregnancy. The researchers looked at how much the men:

  • accompanied their wives to an antenatal clinic
  • were present at the birth
  • discussed maternal health with a healthcare professional
  • shared decisions about pregnancy and contraception with their wives

They also found that fathers were more involved if their wife was more educated, and less involved if the family had a larger number of children.


Ampt F, Mon MM, Than KK, Khin MM, Agius PA, Morgan C, Davis J & Luchters S (2015), Correlates of male involvement in maternal and newborn health: a cross-sectional study of men in a peri-urban region of Myanmar, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 15

Photo: KX Studio. Creative Commons.