A leading midwife talks: we need to listen to fathers (Trinidad & Tobago)

Mamatoto Fathers Trinidad & Tobago

Debrah Lewis is founder and head of the Mamatoto Resource and Birth Centre in Trinidad & Tobago and a former Vice-President of the International Confederation of Midwives. She is a leading global advocate for midwives engaging fathers effectively.

She has just produced a video on fatherhood exploring the complexity of changing gender roles and what this means for fathers, mothers and health workers.

She says: “There is not enough information available for fathers. Even less where the content is determined by them and they speak for themselves in it. We hope that health care workers everywhere will truly listen to what fathers are saying and provide more inclusive care to families.”

In 2015 we reported on Debrah’s TEDx speech on engaging fathers in maternal and newborn health.


Photo: Mamatoto.