Husband’s attitude important for choice of place of birth (Ethiopia)

place of birth ethiopia

Similar to what we recently reported from Uganda, attendance by Ethiopian mothers at a health centre for the birth is much influenced by the husband’s attitude.

“Husband attitude was another very important factor. Women having a husband with negative attitude towards institutional delivery were less likely to give birth at health facility than those women having a husband with positive attitude.”

Female nurses asked 816 women in the Cheha district to complete questionnaires in 2012-2013.

Other factors influencing the decision to give birth at a health facility were: ability to afford it, traveling time, advice received during the pregnancy and having the previous baby at a health facility.


Habte F & Demissie M (2015), Magnitude and factors associated with institutional delivery service utilization among childbearing mothers in Cheha district, Gurage zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia: a community based cross sectional study, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 15

Photo: UNICEF Ethiopia. Creative Commons.