11 viral videos of fathers with their babies and children: with 0.4 billion views between them

fathers doing daughter's hair

Millions are watching videos about father-child closeness. This material is an opportunity for health and family services everywhere. It celebrates and promotes a new masculinity.

Singing together: 25 million views.

To young to sing together at the moment: 52 million views.

Love: 13 million views

A love song to a wife and baby: 15 million views

A protest against gender stereotypes: 104 million views

A father doing his daughter’s hair: 59 million views

Fathers dancing with their babies: 3.5 million views

Father comforting his baby after vaccinations: 36 million views

Father singing to his baby: 64 million views

singing to baby

Father tries to cuts his child’s finger nails: 28 million views

Father and baby discuss a TV show: 6900 views