Women more likely to favour partner support during labour after a negative birth experience (Turkey)

partner support birth

A study of 170 Turkish couples who had experienced a normal birth found that 68% of women wanted partner support during delivery. But among those who rated their experience of birth as negative, 81% wanted partner support.

Meanwhile 72% of the men said they were willing to give support to their partners during delivery.

Of the women who wanted partner support, 86% said they wanted emotional support, whilst of the men willing to give support, 74% wanted to provide physical support rather than emotional support. This suggests a mismatch between what women want from their partners and what their partners want to give.

Women who said they did not want support from their partner during labour gave as the reason no need (45%), or embarrassment (42%), or a poor relationship (13%). Men who did not want to be present gave as the reason no need (62%), fear (27%) and embarrassment (11%).

The results provide evidence in support of adequate preparation of men for being supportive during labour in ways that women most want – though this point is not included in the published conclusion of the study.


Tashan ST & Duru Y (2018), Views on spousal support during delivery: a Turkey experience, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 18

Photo: Ivelisse Photography. Creative Commons.