Young fathers’ intention to have baby linked to breastfeeding rates (USA)


For the first time, a link has been found between a father’s intention to have a baby and the extent of breastfeeding. For younger fathers only (18-24 years old), if the father reports a mistimed pregnancy, the child is 2.3 times more likely never to experience breastfeeding, and 1.7 times more likely not to continue receiving breastfeeding beyond 6 months.

Other studies have found links between fathers’ pregnancy intentions and the degree to which they are actively involved in caring for the mother and baby after the birth. Links with reduced child health have also been found.


Wallenborn JT, Masho SW & Ratliff S (2016), Paternal pregnancy intention and breastfeeding duration: findings from the National Survey of Family Growth, Maternal and Child Health Journal

Photo: Joe Yang. Creative Commons.